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All Aspects of Training...

Horsemanship CLUBS and CAMPS


Teaching our riders from the ground up! The LHF philosophy is to educate riders on all aspects of the equestrian sport. Instruction begins with learning basic safety and handling of a horse. Riders who choose to learn more than just riding may opt into an extended lesson program in which they are taught how to properly groom and tack their horse before their lesson, and after lessons instruction is given on how to correctly cool down and put their horse away. In addition, students learn what is involved in properly maintaining and caring for the equipment that they used.  

The LHF Horsemanship Program, has also been established. This club is offered to students in addition to regular lessons. It allows our riders to have more equestrian fun in a group setting with others who love horses as much as they do; and also provides a way to further our riders' knowledge of the sport. Our goal is to produce solid horseman not just strong riders!


Camps are offered at various times throughout the year. These vary from horsemanship to riding camps. Check out our                                     for dates 


Riding Lessons

All beginner lessons are private. When students are able to safely navigate the arena with other riders, small group lessons are available. Riders are encouraged to lesson twice per week. One lesson being private and the other group.


Riders looking to go beyond...

Training and competing with LHF allows riders with loftier goals to puruse more challenging endeavors. We encourage and assist riders to participate in USEF programs, including the Emerging Athlete Program; Horsemanship Challenge; and both the Middle School and High School Letterman Programs.


Contact LHF by phone at                              or email at                                                             to schedule your lesson!

Training Rides

Offered for horses who need to be brought along in their training, or who need some "brushing-up." 


Training Packages

Offered for your ease and convenience. A variety of training packages are available in order to provide a consistent, no hassle training option for both rider and horse. These are a monthly add-on package that encompass lessons, training rides, and horse show training fees. 



Practice rides

Lesson students in a regular training program have the opportunity to schedule time to ride without instruction. Rides allow for walk, trot and canter practice (no jumping) and are reserved for riders who have reached a level of independence in their riding and horsemanship skills.


We are proud to be able to offer in-home clinics, with top professionals in the industry, during the off season, to help better prepare  show team riders for the upcoming season.

Additional Information

  • Discounts are available with the purchase of a package

  • 7 years old is the earliest recommended age to start lessons. Beginning lessons earlier than that is determined on an individual basis.

  • For the wellbeing of our horses, jumping height on a school horse is restricted to approximately 2 feet. Those looking to advance past this height or move into the show ring are encouraged to find a partnership option that is a match for their specific goals.

  • Riders are responsible for providing their own paddock boots and ASTM/SEI certified helmet. Proper riding pants are recommended but not required for beginner riders 

  • For purchasing proper clothes and equipment please visit Saddlers Row in Palatine     




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