Ensuring a safe, effective, and correct skill set; and instilling solid fundamentals of the forward riding system is the basis of of our training. From the recreational rider to the serious competitor, creating a confident, well-rounded, and capable rider is always the goal.


Starting out

Weekly lessons are available for beginners on one of our schoolmasters. In addition, those who have advanced enough may schedule a supervised practice ride, providing an opporunity to can gain strength and solidify skills.


Riders looking to progress are encouraged to select a training package, specific to their level of riding and continued advancement. This may include a shoareboard for the recreational rider or a personalized training program and lease or purchase for the determined competitor.We have a variety of horses and ponies available and look forward to helping riders determine what path is right for them. We are also able to help riders locate the right horse if we don't have the perfect match on the farm.


Partcipating in 'A' and 'B' rated shows. LHF attends both local and out of state competitions. In addition, the lease, of one of our experienced lesson horses, is available to beginner riders, for their debut in the show ring.

In addition LHF hosts on-farm schooling shows for our lesson students.

Additional educational experiences

Little Hunter Farm hosts on-farm clinics and camps at various times throughout the year. Additionallyoffering a horsemanship program for both beginner and advanced riders who are looking to expand their equine knowledge and gain hands-on practical experience. 

Training for horses

One-time training rides, as well as ongoing training services are offered - whether starting a young horse or tuning up the seasoned competitor. 

Preparing for a lesson

Correct apparel provides both safety and functionality when riding. Please take a moment to see our checklist for your best riding experience:

  • astm/sei approved riding helmet- properly fitted by a saddlery store 

  • proper riding footwear with a 1/2 inch heel

  • jods

    • long riding pants. no jeans please

  • long or short sleeve shirt

    • tucked into pants​

    • jackets and outerwear must be above rider's hips

  • long hair tied back  in a pony tail or pig-tails

  • properly fitting leather gloves encouraged

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