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Little Hunter Farm's Training Philosophy


 is based on two principles:


There are no short cuts to proficiency.

Riding is a lifelong journey on which learning and advancement are always taking place 

and success is ultimately linked to committment 


The skill sets developed during the training process to become a proficient rider and horseman,

will serve an individual throughout their life - far and beyond the riding arena...

Compassion, Responsibility, Patience, and Perseverance


Scroll down to learn about our lesson program...


How old must a rider be to begin lessons?

Riding lessons are offered for those 7 years old and older. Children under 7 are welcome to begin lessons, but will be evaluated for readiness to ride on an individual basis.


What days can lesson be taken?

Lessons may be scheduled Monday through Saturday based on availability.

Do you offer group lessons?

Those new to riding are always instructed in private lessons.


Beginner through advanced may ride in either private of semiprivate lessons. based on the recommendation of your trainer. 


Lessons never exceed 3 riders. Our belief is that while small group lessons allow riders to earn from one another; each lesson should optimize training time. Riding in large group lessons takes away from time available to work with each individual rider.

What is required for lessons?

Click here for information

Horsemanship Instruction

May riders groom and prepare their horse for their lesson?

A well-rounded rider possesses a knowledge of horses and the ability to handle and care for them outside of the arena.  Under the supervision of an educated eye, we offer training from basic handling, grooming and tacking to more advanced horsemanship instruction.


For safety reasons, riders may not work alone with horses until they have received the required training and have been evaluated for their proficiency to independently groom and tack. Horsemanship instruction can be added to regularly scheduled lessons.




Do students have to own their own horse?

LHF has wonderful, safe lesson horses and ponies on which our new riders can learn the basics.


Riders who have progressed past the basics and are looking to continue to advance have options including shareboard; lease; or purchase. Each client is assisted in finding the right fit for their goals.



When is a rider ready to compete?

Riders are able to compete at all ages and stages. Most competitions offer classes for beginner riders at the walk/trot level, and continue through advanced levels

What horse shows does LHF attend?

'A' rated shows both local and out of state

NIHJA shows

We also offer in house schooling shows


Does a rider have to own a horse to participate in a show?

Riders who are getting started with showing may lease one of LHF's experienced show horses. Short term leases can be arranged to accommodate a transition into the show ring. Riders looking to participate in regular, seasonal showing, will benefit from the selection of their own appropriate equine partner with which to continue training.

What is the cost of attending a show?

Show cost varies greatly from the the type of show to its location. Please inquire for a complete cost sheet.


Additional educational experiences


What other training does LHF offer?

Click on our schedule page to see wat we are currently offering






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