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Marshall Law

Currently Partnered - Available March 2021

Offered by Little Hunter Farm

 2014 gelding standing 16.1  hands. Sound, great brain, in your pocket personality, and fantastic all around horse. Lots of miles in our lesson program with begginer riders, as well as, winning miles in all three rings from the long stirrup through the 2'9" at rated shows and always in the ribbons. Soft jump, honest to the fences, walks the line, solid lead change in both directions. Schooled through the 3ft at home.

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Currently Partnered - Available July 2021

Offered by Little Hunter Farm

Looking for the ideal first partner, this mare truly has a heart of gold. 110% bombproof, very gentle on the ground, loves attention, always jumps, no mareish behavior, never takes a mistake personally! This horse will teach six year olds how to trot and canter at home then go to a rated show and win in the puddle jumper division.  

Yankee Goldsmith

Currently on Lease- Available Summer 2021

Offered by Shadow Hollow Farm 

'Yankee' has been a LHF three ring superstar since he joined our program in 2011. This top of the line medium pony has done and won everything from the ground rail division to the aged quitation, USEF and WHIS pony medals and beyond.  Super fun (rides like a miniature big equ horse) and great first show partner - total confidence builder!  Auto everything, super easy on the ground, sound and healthy, very straightforward. 


Currently Partnered - Available July 2021

Offered by Little Hunter Farm 

'Tucker'  joined the LHF family in 2008. He has won numerous year end championships in divisions from the walk, trot, special canter to the beginner childrens classes. Solidly built medium, bombproof, great on the ground, auto change, easy keeper. Suitable to teach dead beginners through those jumping 18" verticvle courses.

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Come What May

Available for on farm Lease or Share-board

Offered by Little Hunter Farm

Restarted as an OTTB in 2016, this pehnominal mare is a blast to take into the show ring! Very educated on the flat, tons of scope, forward  ride, loves her job. Would make a great puddle or child/adult jumper. Needs a confident solid rider in a professional program. 

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Imagine If

Currently Partnered -Avaiailble July 2021 

Offered by Little Hunter Farm

Bernie has been a part of the LHF family since 2013. He is a fantastic teacher and the horse many of our students acomplish their first major milestones on - helping them prepare to move into the competition ring, or for a horse of their very own. 

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Captain My Captain

Currently on Lease - Available Fall 2021

Offered by Little Hunter Farm

Looking for a horse with a massve winning record at the rated show in classes from the Big Equ through the Grand Prixs and everything in between? Auto everything, does ALL the tests and flatwork, no prep, sound and healthy, great on the ground, easy as they come, very forgiving. True quality and very professional. Pleasure to ride and have in your program!

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Legally Blonde

Currently On Lease - Available Fall 2021

Offered by Shadow Hollow Farm

Elle is a welsh x warmblood with all the class you could ask for out of a pony hunter. Perminant medium card and lots of miles at the rated shows from the ground pole division through the 2'3" and childrens pony hunter classes. Will easily jump the division height if she has a parter who wants to, but is just as happy to teach first timers to trot and canter. Auto change, huge step, always jumps a 10, very straight forward, great brain and loves her job. Easy as they come and great to work with on the ground. Zero pony habbits.


Love Bug

Currently on Lease -Avaiailble Summer 2021 

Offered by Little Hunter Farm

Herbie has been a member of the LHF team since 2014 and is a true master of his craft. He has a long record of sucess with a number of riders through the 2'9" classes, but these days he is happiest teaching begginer riders and getting them started. SAFE, quiet, and knows the short stirrup course by heart.  Perfect for a child looking to do their first shows! Currently teaching the lead/lungline levels through mini crossrails.


Agreeable LHF

Owned by Little Hunter Farm

Cooper is a 2017 AWSR registered colt with bloodlines tracing back to gold the medal winning 'Salinero' in addition to 'Seven Up'. He was the second leading cold for 2017 in his breed registry. We are anxiously awaiting his debut!