Little Hunter Farm

LHF maintains a well organized training facility that allows riders to have hands-on access to their horse, while still under the supervision and care of educated professionals. 


100x200 ft outdoor arena

60X160 ft indoor arena

Heated stabling area

Heated tack room 

Heated indoor viewing room

10x14 & 12x16 stalls avaialble 

All stalls have windows and are rubber matted

Stalls are bedded with bagged shavings

Heated water buckets are availble for winter months 


Security system 

Fire system linked directly to the fire department

Manager lives on property 


Multiple dry lot paddocks


Basic Care Routine

Daily turnout, weather permitting - blanketing and booting is included

Indoor and outdoor arena turnout is available if footing is not suitable in paddocks

Daily stall cleaning - twice daily if turnout is not available

Feeding Program

High quality grass hay - free choice feeding

High quality concentrates fed 2 times daily

Beet pulp & alfalfa cubes fed to supplemnt diet

Supplements fed based on the needs of each horse - many of which are inlcuded with our optional deluxe package

Basic Board


Booting for turnout



Vet and Blacksmith scheduling and supervision

Basic tools (eg. towels, brushes, bath supplies)

In Addition

Ask about our deluxe care package. For a flat montly fee an additional list of services, supplies, and extras are offered; including but not limited to: supplements, medications, bandaging services, and rehab care. We can also arrange for grooming services including body clipping and mane pulling.



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