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Maintaining a well organized training facility which allows riders to have hands-on access to their horse, while still under the supervision and care of educated professionals. 

For our horses


  • 12 stalls are available 

    • stall size ranging from 10x14 to 12x16

    • Windows and rubber matting

    • Bagged shavings

    • Heated water buckets available

  • Washrack

  • Dry lot or all-weather footing 

For our riders


  • 100x200 ft outdoor arena

  • 60X160 ft indoor arena

  • Heated stabling area

  • Heated tack room 

  • Heated indoor viewing room


For peace of mind

  • Security system 

  • Fire system linked directly to the fire department

  • Manager lives on property 


Basic Board 

  • Daily turnout, weather permitting

    • Individual or companion extended turn-out
    • Blanketing and booting as needed

  • High quality grass hay - free choice feeding

  • High quality concentrates

    • customized feed program based on individual equine needs

  • Stall cleaning 

    • 7 days a week​

    • 2 times each day

  • Weekly bucket cleaning

  • Managed care of client horses

    • scheduling vet and farrier services​

    • in attendance as needed



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