Little Hunter Farm

A glimpse at some of the horses and ponies who have trained, campaigned, and been members of the LHF family over the years.

---On Lease---

Legally Blone

Offered by Shadow Hollow Farm 


Congratulations to Coco Lisi with Minglewood Farm on their lease of 'Elle'. We are eagerly awaiting their debut together this coming 2020 season and wish them much sucess!

Love Bug

Offered by Little Hunter Farm 


Congratulations to Elizabeth Rietesel-Karlen with Presteige Sport Horses on their lease of 'Herbie'. We are so happy he found a new little one to love him and know he will be a great teacherfor your girls!

---Past Sales Horses/Campaigning Projects---

Chantilly Alice


Trained and campaigned by LHF on behalf of Jessica Jude



Congratulations to Royal Oaks Equestrian on their purchase of this wonderfull schoolmaster! He is sure to bring your team much sucess and teach many valuable lessons. 



Congratulations to Brightside Equestrian on their purchase! Everyone is thrilled that he has such a loving new home. 



Congratulations to the Miami of Ohio Equestrian program on their wonderful addition!

The Cats Pajamas


Trained and campaigned by LHF on behalf of Shadow Hollow Farm

Playing For Change


Trained and campaigned by LHF on behalf of Shadow Hollow Farm

---Special Horses That Will Stay In Our Memories Forever---


LHF was saddened to have to say goodbye to Gunner, but know he is in a beter place. We thank him for the years of lessons and sucess he brought to so many. He will be deeply missed. 

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